Here Is the Ultimate Sex Position Guide

For the couples out there that are looking to spice up their sex life, switching it up in the bedroom could be exactly what you need. While there are thousands of different positions, and variations on those positions, there are a handful of moves that stand out above the rest as best.
In order to help you avoid another night of the go-to moves, check out the best sex positions with an emphasis on both party’s enjoyment below:

Best Sex Positions — Variations of Doggy Style

“The Booty Pop”

“The Booty Pop” is a perfect position if you and your partner are in a rush, but both in the mood. In this configuration, the woman will bend over a couch or anything that can support the weight. While remaining standing, she will place her hands on the surface as her partner stands behind.


“Kneeling Booty Pop”

This position involves the woman getting on her hands and knees on the edge of the couch or bed. He stands behind like in the “Booty Pop.”

Cosmopolitan says this is an ideal move for any couples that want to incorporate “spanking.” However, it is important to “discuss limits and safe-words prior to diving in, so you can focus on the pain/pleasure dynamic while you’re in the moment.”