10 Movies Where The Actors Took The Sex Scenes A Little Too Literally

Ever been watching a movie where the sex scene is super hot and heavy, almost to the point where it should be considered pornography? That’s because it might as well have been. A lot of stars will deny that they ever actually got it on while on the job but there are a select handful that admitted to doing the dirty.

1. Caligula

This film is from the 1970’s (1979 to be exact) and back then it was the first film that recognized and notable actors starred in such a racy picture. Many of the sex scenes were not fake and the film wasn’t received too well by the public and critics.

2. All About Anna

This Danish film by Lars Von Trier is described as a movie about sexual relationships so it only makes sense that you get a handful of scenes with people gettin’ it on. It caused an uproar but the producers spoke out saying that “if it were fake, the film would lose its drama.”

3. The Brown Bunny

Yes, Chloe Sevigny actually performed oral sex on her costar Vincent Gallo in their sex scene.

4. Lie With Me

A lot of people thought the scenes in this film looked very realistic and that’s because they were.

5. Nymphomaniac

While the actors themselves were genuinely engaged in the sex scenes, this film used porn stars or sex doubles for portions of the scenes.

6. “Sweet Sweetbacks Badasssss”

In 1971, Melvin Van Peebles and his film “Sweet Sweetbacks Badasssss” had people going crazy about his sex scene. Turns out years later he finally admited to it being real, because he contracted an STD.

7. Pink Flamingos

In this 1972 cult classic by John Waters, Divine’s character performed real oral sex in a scene when they’re at a friends home.

8. Baise-moi

Not only are the sex scenes in this film graphic, they are 100% real. Baise-moi literally translates to “f*ck me” in french.

9. Little Ashes

Robert Pattinson admitted that in his 2008 film, Little Ashes, he was actually masturbating in a scene – because “faking it just doesn’t work”.

10. 9 Songs

Sadly enough for the actors, 9 Songs is considered to have one of the worst sex scenes of all time. What a shame that it was actually real for the two involved!